A bit about me…

Hello, I’m Liz

I have been married for 24 years. I have two wonderful grown-up children. I live in Lisburn with my husband, Jeff. I’ve a cat. Called Kit.

I became a Humanist celebrant a few years ago and join a small band of fellow celebrants here in Northern Ireland.

Liz Peel

It’s long been my view that, increasingly, couples don’t want tribalism or religion to be centre-stage on their wedding day or child’s naming ceremony. Instead, they want the focus to be on their love and relationship and family bonds.

My role is to act as the celebrant – providing you with the structure, words and emotional engagement that’ll make your day very special and memorable for you and and your guests. And, since the recent change in the law, I can also legally marry you as well – there’s no longer a need for separate registry office proceedings. In short, my aim is to ensure a lovely, memorable day designed around the two of you.